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Speech Recognition


Speech recognition has developed over the last 20 years or so into an extremely powerful tool. Whether you have difficulty in using a keyboard and mouse, or if you simply want to work faster, this software will provide a solution in both cases.

Most ‘two-fingered’ typists produce about 30 words per minute. A touch-typist may average about 60 words per minute. With Dragon Naturally Speaking, speeds of 130 words per minute ate easily achievable.

In addition to dictating text, Dragon Naturally Speaking now has features which integrate with Google, Ebay and YouTube to allow quick location of information. For example, you can say ‘search Google for vintage motorcycles’ and Dragon Naturally Speaking will launch Google and perform the search.

Writing email can also be much quicker when Dragon Naturally Speaking is used.

Medical and Legal versions of Dragon Naturally Speaking are available with pre-defined specialist vocabularies.

There is a wide range of headsets and microphones available to suit individual requirements, including wireless and Bluetooth headsets.

Scripting for Dragon Naturally Speaking

In addition to providing training in the use of Dragon Naturally Speaking, we can also customize or ‘script’ Dragon Naturally Speaking. This involves the creation of additional voice commands and routines to speed up workflow and automate repetitive tasks. This can be anything from a single command to print a document to a more complex script to perform a chain of daily tasks.

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