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We have a wide range of products, which is being regularly increased. Please browse our online shop for product information and pricing. If you have any queries or if you need any further information, please call us on 0870 321 7091 or email

In addition to the supply of hardware and software, we also offer a range of other services including Alternative Format Transcription, Consultancy and Advisory Services and scripting for Dragon Naturally Speaking and JAWS.

Consultancy and Advisory Service

We can provide these services to schools and colleges, LEAs, businesses and other organisations such as charities. We provide independent, unbiased advice on suitable equipment to provide cost effective support and services. Our aim is to identify the most appropriate solution to meet the needs of the individual or organisation.

We can then source the items and install and set-up all of the equipment and provide training in its use as well as on-going support afterwards.

Over the years we have developed excellent working relationships with most of the UK distributors of this equipment, and this is why we are able to supply such a wide range. The other advantage to this is that we do not have any vested interest in guiding you to any particular product. This means that we can give unbiased and independent advice to ensure that the right solution is provided.

Scripting for Dragon Naturally Speaking

In addition to providing training in the use of Dragon Naturally Speaking, we can also customize or ‘script’ Dragon Naturally Speaking. This involves the creation of additional voice commands and routines to speed up workflow and automate repetitive tasks. This can be anything from a single command to print a document to a more complex script to perform a chain of daily tasks.

JAWS Scripting

JAWS works with a wide range of standard packages including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Firefox etc.
With some bespoke packages like those used in the NHS, Banks, Insurance companies and local government, it may need to be customized to make the package accessible. This process of customization is known as scripting.

We can provide this service, which comprises of an evaluation day to determine how much scripting is required, and how long this may take, followed by the scripting process, which is usually on-site. There are some packages that cannot be fully scripted due to the design of the package. Unless the package design can be modified, it may be that some packages will remain inaccessible.

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