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Index V4 Braille Embossers

We supply the full range of the new Version 4 Index Braille embossers, acoustic cabinets
and accessories. We provide repair and upgrade services and carry a large
selection of spare parts to minimise turnaround times.

Photograph of Index Basic V4 Braille Embosser

Basic-D V4

Basic-D is a success story. The most sold braille embosser in the world is easy to use and easy to like, using fan folded paper to produce double sided braille. Now in Version 4 (V4) with even better stability.
  • Tractor Fed Paper
  • High quality Braille
  • Double sided
  • Portable
  • Suitable for Braille labels

Leading into the future

Basic-D V4 uses the same winning concept as its predecessors, tuned up to a technological level that will be market leading for many years to come. The user interface is redesigned and all components are reviewed to form a leader into the Braille future.

Stable and durable

Basic-D is a stable companion, at home or in the office. You can feed it a box of fan folded paper and it will emboss without interruption. D stands for double sided embossing, an Index Braille standard. Basic-D represents user friendly, high quality embossing.

Improvements on Basic-D V4

Basic-D V4 is a complete re-design based on customer feedback and production and service experience of previous versions. A sideways printing mode is implemented. The number of characters per line are increased to fit all paper sizes witout any margins. The paper edge sensor is changed to a standard optical sensor from the mechanical switch on the tractor The paper movement sensor is changed to a standard optical sensor detects the movement of the paper The back plate has the following improvements:
  • easier, more stable assembling
  • the back plate may be removed without a screw driver
  • no electronic connectors at the back plate
  • new more stable paper rollers with bearings

Photograph of Index Basic Braille Embosser

Cooling: the fan is moved from the back plate to internal montage The re-design of the tractor profile replaces the plastic profile The side panels are connected with 3 screws to improve stability The height of the opening after removing the back plate is increased 10 millimeters. This makes it easier to exchange the embossing head and main board. The tractor axles are re-designed to make it possible to remove them by only opening one side panel of the embosser Lower weight 7.6 kg Separate switched power supply 100-264 Volt
The Basic Braille printer offers good value for money for both home, school or the workplace.
It is easy to set-up and use, and gives a good synthetic speech feedback.

Braille Embosser Basic-D V4
Price £1,795.00 GBP

Everest-D V4

Photograph of Index Everest V4 Braille Embosser

Everest-D is the most sold flexible embosser in the world. You can use single sheet paper, plastic or thin metal to print magazines, labels and much more in double sided braille. Everest-D V4 is equipped with a very stable sheet feeder and supports the much liked 4X4 PRO newspaper format.
  • Flexible
  • 50 pages single sheet feeder
  • Use local, standard paper
  • Standard format
  • Newspaper format. One A3 folds to four A4
  • Automatic document split to braille volumes

On top into the future

Everest-D V4 is a whole new embosser from Index Braille. It merges the successful models Everest-D and 4X4 PRO into a highly flexible embosser. Everest-D V4 has all the newspaper functionality of 4X4 PRO V3 plus the flexible concept of Everest-D. The embosser is tuned up to a technological level that will be market leading for many years to come.

Braille everywhere

Before Everest, no braille embosser worked in the developing world. Where continuous Braille paper was hard to find, there was little braille communication. Everest uses the kind of paper that can be bought at your closest store. For those who require the most flexible embossing, Everest is the answer.

Improvements on Everest-D V4

Higer mechanical stability of the side plates. The paper movement rollers are easier to replace. The sheet feeder may be replaced by removing two screws. In V3 it was necessary to open the complete embosser before replacing the sheet feeder. The fan is moved from the backplate to internal montage, giving a clean back plate without cables. The distance to the paper out level is increased with 10 millimeters which gives more stable paper out handling. The internal plastic foils which hold the paper in position are all replaced by a re-designed corresponding AL-profile. Lower weight: 13.3 kg. Separate switch power supply 100-264 Volt.

Serial, USB and Network interface

 Photograph showing interface on Index V4 Everest  Embosser

Product improvements

User interface
  • User friendly interface which makes the user manual almost unnecessary.
  • Multiple local speech feedback for all embossers, the feedback language may be switched from the front panel.
  • Better speech quality.
  • Possibility to change speech feedback language between local and English from front panel.
  • Energy saving, automatic power down to 0.15 Watt.
  • Embosser status LED feedback on front panel (main board and internal LED light only in Braille Box).
  • Better contrast between the embosser and parts, making it easier for visually impaired user to adjust for example card/sheet selectors, document out guides and formula tractors.

Mechanical and electronic hardware

  • Memory cards in the embosser, used for Index programs, manuals, test print samples, drivers and Braille software.
  • 100 MB TCP/IP network port.
  • Improved mechanical stability.
  • Head phone connector for speech feedback.
  • Swithed power supply.

Improved functionality

  • The weight are reduced with about 1.3 kg mainly depending on the use of switched power supply.
  • Braille text buffer 10.000 pages.
  • Copy function with unlimited number of copies.
  • Increased embossing speed.

 Photograph showing side view of Index V4 Everest  Embosser


Index Everest V4 Braille Embosser
Price £2725.00



Braille Box V4

Its new!

Index Braille's customers have asked for a faster, quieter braille embosser with larger sheet feeder. 4Waves PRO was a step on the way. Now Braille Box is here, our most excellent braille embosser yet.

Photograph of front of Index Braille Box V4

V4 electronic platform

V4 embossers from Index Braille use a two CPU system, where previously only one CPU was used. This is a huge step, making V4 embossers more stable, durable and simple than ever before.Braille Box uses the same two CPU principles, only here four CPU's collaborate. Every printing head is controlled by its' own CPU. This puts the demanding braille printing mechanics under excellent control. The sheet feederIndex Braille has invested in the tools and production rights to a professional sheet feeder with 500 page capacity. This sheet feeder has been a key to the Braille Box design, giving the three printing heads unbeatable stability. Investing for the futureWe think you will like Braille Box.

Photograph of Index Braille Box V4 with trays and doors open

Single sheet feed high speed embosser with surprisingly low noise level. Braille Box is a masterpiece from Index Braille.
  • High speed - 800 pages per hour.
  • Excellent Braille dot quality.
  • The sheet feeder holds up to 400 pages.
  • Very stable sheet feeding.
  • Surprisingly low noise level.
  • Newspaper format. One A3 folds into four A4.

High production volumes

Braille Box is the best embosser for high volume production of braille, using ordinary copy paper. It also has the best sheet feeder ever to be used in a braille embosser.Best price for performanceUsing the latest electronic platforms, injection modeling tools and professional design Index Braille has made it possible to combine high performance and an attractive price. Braille Box is a masterpiece from Index Braille, giving our customers what they have asked for in high volume production printer.Low Noise LevelGood dot quality has always resulted in a high noise level. Now this has changed. Braille Box is the first single sheet Braille embosser that is completely sealed. This combined with a muffled ventilation gives a surprisingly low noise level.

Best Sheet Feeder

The basis for making a good single sheet embosser is the sheet feeder. The sheet feeder used in Braille Box is owned by Index Braille and the best ever to be used in a braille embosser. The pick up function has been optimized for quality Braille paper and tested to perfection. The paper tray holds up to 400 sheets of paper.Shipments starts May 18

Photograph of Index Braille Box V4 with sheet feed tray open


You demanded it - now it's here. Braille Box is an answer to Index Bralle's customers demand on a faster, quieter and better braille embosser.Braille Box has larger paper tray, better sheet feeding and higher embosser speed than any other product before it. It is Index Braille's largest investment, making the highest quality of braille affordable for everyone.

Photograph of the rear of the Index Braille Box V4



Photograph of Index Basic Braille Embosser in its Acoustic Cabinet

Basic Acoustic Cabinet
 Photograph of Index Basic Braille Embosser Acoustic Cabinet

Index Basic Acoustic Cabinet
Price £835.00

Photograph of Index Everest Braille Embosser in its Acoustic Housing

Photograph showing ventilation on Index Everest Acoustic Cabinet

Everest Acoustic Cabinet
Price £580.00

When Braille has been produced on A3 paper, the completed pages can be stapled together to form an A4 Braille book.
Photograph of Index Braille book stapler

Index Braille Book Stapler
Price £290.00
** Source - Index Braille