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Mobile Speak, Mobile Magnifier and Mobile Daisy Player

mobile speak

Mobile telephone technology has become so commonplace in the modern world, many of us only use a mobile, and rarely use a land line telephone. Access to voice mail, contact lists and calendar as well as text messaging is an everyday task for most people. Accessing to these functions is now possible for people who are visually impaired using one of the products from CodeFactory.

Mobile Speak can be installed on to a mobile phone or personal digital assistant (PDA), to enable access to Contacts, Calendar Text Messages etc. Text messages and menu items are spoken, either via the speaker or a headset. With Mobile Speak you can: -

A 30 day trial licence is available free of charge.

mobile magnifier

Mobile Magnifier is can be used on a range of Symbian mobile phones as well as Personal Data Assistants (PDAs) and Windows Smartphones. The zoom level can be customized to suit individual needs, and can be easily changed whilst the phone is in use.

Ideal for reading text messages, contact lists, accessing the internet and sending and receiving email.

A 30 day trial licence is available free of charge.

Mobile Daisy Player

Mobile DAISY Player is an electronic book reader for Symbian-based mobile phones. It allows both sighted and vision-impaired mobile users to take books in Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY) format with them wherever they go.

A 30 day trial licence is available free of charge.

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