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Braille Maker Professional

Braille Translation Software

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Braille Maker Professional retains all the advantages of Braille Maker; its simplicity of use, user-friendliness and compatibility with Microsoft Word, together with the following additional features: -

Braille Editor: this enables the user to make layout and formatting changes at any time, acting as a Braille Word processor.

Image of Braille Maker Professional Editor

Languages: this feature enables the user to produce documents in commonly used European languages. This module includes Welsh Braille and allows languages to be easily mixed within the same document.  Currently supported languages are: -

Learner Braille: allows the Braille rules to be introduced over a period of time. This is ideal for the preparation of learning materials where individual students are at different stages of the learning process. Supports any syllabus.

Image of Learner Braille settings dialogue box

Moon: the software makes it possible to translate your document into the alternate tactile language.

Image of Moon being edited in Braille Maker Professional Editor

Ideal for those people preparing material for both Braille and Moon readers, as the same file can be translated into both formats. The Moon can then be either printed on swell paper or sent to an Index Basic or Everest embosser and produced as "dotty Moon".

Icons: additional icons for Braille and Moon are automatically installed on the file drop down menu in Microsoft Word, allowing direct access to Braille Maker from your Word processor.

6 Key entry: allows you to use the keyboard as a Perkins brailler.

Tables: automatically translates tabulated information into a choice of four Braille formats; stairstep, semi-colon, tab or paragraph.

Supports Word styles: Documents formatted using styles are automatically imported and translated into your chosen Braille format.

Live table of contents: Using heading styles you can automatically create a Braille table of contents that will monitor and update the page numbers whilst you modify the document.

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On-going technical support for Braille Maker is available via a dedicated support line-DotLine.  This facility is available to all Braille Maker customers during the hours of: 09:30 to 17:00 Monday to Friday