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Alternative Formats Transcription Service

What is Alternative Format?

Alternative formats include Braille, Moon, Large Print and audio. When someone cannot access standard print due to a visual impairment, we can provide alternative formats so that information can be accessed.
Our staff have many years' experience in transcription for schools, colleges and a wide variety of businesses and other organisations such as charities. They have knowledge on a wide range of specialist codes for production in foreign languages, mathematical and scientific formats. We can guarantee a speedy and reliable response to a wide range of needs. Additionally, our membership of UKAAF (United Kingdom Association for Accessible Formats keeps us up to date with the latest developments in the field.

The Law

Under Part III of the Disability Discrimination Act, shops, businesses and organisations which deal with the public are now under a duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people; our role is to help service providers bring policies into line with legislation, particularly with regard to making literature accessible to the visually-impaired in formats which they are able to access. Businesses are already attesting to the improved profitability and image they have gained through this provision.

What you get

We are able to provide fast and accurate transcription for a wide range of customers, large and small. We can offer 'one off' services for specific items such as a letter, or regular services to Local Authorities, businesses, restaurants, etc. Transcriptions in Braille are produced on high quality paper by the most advanced and reliable British computer Braille software. The translated Braille can be presented in a number of formats including A4 cut sheets, A4 booklets and standard Braille paper sizes and can be single or double sided depending on individual preferences. The finished Braille document can be bound if required.


We can also transcribe documents into Moon, either produced on an embosser as 'dotty Moon' on A4 cut sheets or standard Braille paper sizes, or onto A4 or A3 swell paper. Again, the document can be bound if required. We can provide tactile diagrams in both A4 or A3 format swell paper. The original diagram can be supplied by the customer, or if preferred, we offer a service of producing the diagram from a textbook, map or drawing.

What you need to do

The quickest and most efficient service is achieved by the supply of material sent either on computer disk or by e-mail, eliminating the need for further typing or formatting. We are able to respond within 24 hours to basic requests and guarantee most other work to be completed within a maximum of five days, unless the format is complex or the quantity great. The cost of the Braille transcription will vary significantly according to the size and nature of the document required and the complexity of the task, for example if tables or figures are involved, or graphical material requiring adaptation to a written form.

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